Dorimanx Kernel v5.85

  • replaced Superuser with SuperSU 0.96, many ROMS use it by default [including me (got it with the RR 2.7 ICS) and didnt changed] … all working good! to replace Superuser use the extweaks misc tab
  • restored Samsung G2 WIFI driver from update 7 + my PWR manager -> tether is back online. driver is stable and working
  • added many parts of new CM10 JB MALI driver. but it’s still not finished
  • new CM10 ROM will not boot! (black screen) i am working on merging stuff
  • I have tuned profiles, removed gestures + led on touch as ON by default!
  • now it’s OFF! if you want it, use extweaks to enable. gestures ON only in performance profile
  • made some tuning to config that i think is best for all. see GIT
  • fixed default GPU voltage, was not set right, now fixed
  • this kernel can boot CM10 VSYNC experimental build! but not the original latest CM10. all the rest ROMS will boot!

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Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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