Dorimanx Kernel v7.10

  • thanks to GM we now have new GPU freq that can boost video performance for games, movies and all that use video rendering
  • new Freq are 330, 440, 520 they are active only if VPLL mode is Activated in GPU tab – this is done for people that cant use 400Mhz, so now they can use 330 and try the 440Mhz, 520Mhz is very tempting but will be stable in very limited number of devices, it’s HARDWARE limit – sadly for some devices even 330Mhz will crush the driver/hardware on 90~100% GPU utilization, then use MAX 267 forever 🙁 – to use 330Mhz set voltage for it to 1100mv, for 440 set 1200mv, for 520 i tried all from 1100 to 1300 and for me, it’s crushing on GPU test, so i cant tell you what best.
  • I have tuned Touch screen code, should be ok now
  • made changes in Sound boost by GM, now it’s as spinner type (was seek bar)
  • looks better and some code lines in boot scripts are not needed any more.
  • updated WIFI from SG3 JB source to ver 1.15.15, ported by GM.
  • limited HACK to fix low speaker sound after boot to be used only on JB ROMS, problem is only there – hack is simple, it’s just push the volume down virtual key 3 times down, and push vol up 4 time up, so if you too quick to see your volume go down and up, dont worry it’s not a BUG in your phone 🙂
  • updated Busybox and bln binary from GM source
  • updated Sharpness script by GM, now i can see that words and numbers have more sharp font, that’s all i have found, but looks good and sharp 🙂
  • tuned all profiles for GPU freqs
  • converted charge current to seek bars, now every one can set what he like/think is best 🙂
  • made some corrections in scripts
  • restored lost code Tweak to save more power on deepsleep for ondemand, scary, and pegasusq + tuning to GOV
  • updated to 3.0.51 main stream patches
  • set kernel HZ from 250 to 300Mhz (default for old android was 100Mhz, for new was 250Mhz, for servers we should set 300Mhz or higher)

Have fun and report 🙂

BIG Thanks to GM for very cool update! 🙂

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