HowTo: maximizing battery life from Samsung S2 with Dorimanx-Kernel

1.) “Tweak your display settings”

  • try lowering the brightness of your phone (turn off automatic brightness as well)
  • reduce the time until the screen turns off when not in use
  • use a dark wallpaper (theme,, etc.)
  • disable animated wallpaper

Tip: you can see in settings -> battery -> how much battery-power your screen/apps consumed

2.) “Turn off wireless services you don’t need”

  • do you really need Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 3G and more -> turning off some of these when you don’t need them

Tip: you can quickly toggle these settings on/off by using Android’s built-in power widget or use a app from market for that

3.) “Tone down data usage”

  • use only 2G networks -> 2G networks are noticeably slower than 3G, but 3G uses more power
  • try to use WiFi whenever possible instead of 3G as well
  • disable global autosync (background update from App like facebook, twitter etc.)
  • disable app autosync (some apps have their own sync schedule, so take a look at the settings from your apps and don’t install to much apps)
  • less frequently autosync (if a app e.g. email-app need background-sync, then use less frequently autosync
  • put your phone on “airplane mode” when you are not using it e.g. at a meeting

4.) “Don’t use much [background] apps (widgets)”

  • try e.g. “OS Monitor”-App to see how much resources your running Apps consume! (CPU usage = battery usage)
  • try e.g. “Autorun Manager”-App to prevent some auto-starts
  • disable home screen widgets that are pulling data from the web & you don’t need
  • do not leave applications running when you don’t need them
  • uninstall total unused apps

5.) “Don’t use task killers (in the most cases)”

  • the System will kill Apps automatically you don’t need a Task-Killer-App … some of this Apps consume even more power because those apps usually start themselves up again right after you kill them and so they need cpu & drain power again …
  • activate “close app when back button is pressed” in the settings (only CM?)

6.) “Automate your power conservation”

Note: this Apps also running in background and need battery-power, so if you use “power widget” manually you maybe don’t need such Apps

7.) “change Kernel & root-settings”

7.1) battery-profile

  • use the battery-profile (you can switch it via recovery)
  • … or use the “extrem battery profile” (you can switch it via “ExTweaks”-App -> BACKUP/RESTORE
  • you can also use (extra)-battery-settings via “ExTweaks”-App -> CORTEXBRAIN

7.2) general-info

  • disable Ads via hosts-file (disable loading of images etc. on website & in apps) via “ExTweaks”-App -> BACKUP/RESTORE
  • if you don’t need more free memory -> don’t use zram -> compress / decompress memory in memory (more cpu usage = more battery usage) can be set  via “ExTweaks”-App -> MISC -> “ZRAM SETTINGS”
  • disable BLN (Back Light Notification) via “ExTweaks”-App -> “BLN”
  • disable “led-on-touch” (reduce led voltage level) via“ExTweaks”-App -> “BLN”

7.3) CPU

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