Kernel: cortexbrain-tune

1.) Logic Explanations

This script will manipulate all the system / cpu / battery behavior. Based on chosen EXTWEAKS profile+tweaks and based on SCREEN ON/OFF state.

When User select battery/default profile all tuning will be toward battery save! But user loose performance -20% and get more stable system and more battery left.

When user select performance profile, tuning will be to max performance on screen ON!
When screen OFF all tuning switched to max power saving! as with battery profile, so user gets max performance and max battery save but only on screen OFF.

This script change governors and tuning for them on the fly!
Also switch on/off hotplug CPU core based on screen on/off.
This script reset battery stats when battery is 100% charged.
This script tune Network and System VM settings and ROM settings tuning.
This script changing default MOUNT options and I/O tweaks for all flash disks and ZRAM.

TODO: add more description, explanations here …




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