Dorimanx Kernel v7.9

Kernel 5.xx is no longer supported! use 7.XX

  • people with touch screen model MX224E will get better touch response, one Korean-Dev found a way to improve the driver by disabling some filter code – for all with older MX244 touch screen all OK, nothing changed
  • updated from latest GM source optimization for Slide2Wake tweak, now it’s drain less power, and works great, any time, and can unlock only by straight line. all credits to GM!
  • updated Lulzactive GOV by Robertobsc see GIT. and test, let me know 🙂
  • new Sharpness-Tweak enabled by default by GM! it’s works on/off after reboot, need to test and work on it some more, it’s only doing light visual effect, do not expect some super change – it’s nice, thats all
  • tuned cortex + cleaning
  • added option to enable/disable init.d run scripts. some roms do that by auto, then we X2 all scripts, not so good. init.d run is off by default
  • fixed low volume on boot from speaker on JB ROMS, no need to lower and rise to fix it
  • tuned touch screen. more stable on scrolling
  • added option to Reinstall/Update extweaks from extweaks 🙂
  • fixed negative gesture bug, thanks for reports and good solution
  • removed NO charge tweak, it’s not working. for now
  • updated Extweaks to 0.31
  • fixed Extweaks reload after restore or reset to profile from menu
  • restored Recovery logo by crazysilver
  • tuned profiles and cortex to deliver more battery save on screen OFF/ON

To get new gestures script, restore it from extweaks Screen tab.
To get updated extweak installed to SYSTEM, use extweaks backup/restore tab.

Have fun.

GM worked allot on last update, so he is right, it’s easy to update something that is ready. so all my respect to GM for his hard work for us all.

I did all i can do 🙂

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