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– STweaks
– ExTweaks (old)


Radio for I9100:



Mirror for this Kernel: (mirror provided by Bmbm) (mirror provided by Willflint)


Preview Kernel:

– (by voku)


In case of new install on non-rooted or no-recovery phone:


1.) ODIN 1.83

2.) Dorimanx-Kernel in “.tar” format for ODIN

How to flash kernel via download mode (hold Power + Home + vol.down then vol up when you see the download menu)
connect USB, wait till drivers installed (if no drivers check google)
Install kernel via odin PDA file menu (check box PDA, then select “mykernel.tar”) and push start.
if all ok, phone will reboot and you done.

[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”Warning!!!“]Do not install this kernel on any Android version lower than 4.0.3[/stextbox]
  • make a backup of your ROM before first try! just in case
  • constant OC (OverClock) will drain more battery! use low speeds on screen off! min 200/100 max 600
  • CPU will shutdown in case of over-volt or under-volt so be careful
  • I am no responsible for any hardware damage or system corruption that can happen after using this kernel, you are using this kernel from your own will and accept any responsibility by using it
  • If you install this kernel your warranty will void!

But you can be relaxed, i am trying every release on my phone several hours! so if something wrong, first i will get the damage you get tested and tuned working kernel.

I am here for you! so ask, debug and comment!
Help me to make this kernel as good as possible!

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7 Comments on “Download

  1. Hi there,

    I dont know if i should use this kernel because when i played game Tom Clancy’s Hawx, after 1 minute my phone will turn black and the game will force close. Before this i used SGS+, kernel is the main problem when the game not working. Maybe i should change kernel to make the game work and i prefer to use your kernel as my main kernel for this rom.

    This is the rom i used:

    ROM :SENSATION 4 (Android Version 4.0.4)
    KERNEL :3.015-Siyah-s2-v4.1.5+gm@ubuntu)) #49 SMP PREEMPT
    Tue Sept 11 12:21:30 PDT 2012

    PLEASE ADVISE ME. TQ so much for any help you provide to me.

  2. hola quiero agradecer por todo su trabajo para hacer mejor nuestros s2, solo quisiera que me explicaran que es un espejo para el kernel, es que no lo comprendo a y que son los radios para que funcionan . gracias

  3. Dorimanx-Kernel in “.tar” format for ODIN not found. Can you point me to a place where I can download it to install it on a stock ROM (4.1.2)? Thanks.

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