Dorimanx Kernel v5.84

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  • Kernel Merged with 3.1.Y and beyond to 3.4.Y and some parts from 3.6.Y! this is mega hybrid kernel.
  • fixed the led lights off after long deepsleep!
  • fixed warning about IRQ for RTC (in dmesg) (affect the system time.)
  • fixed warning about oom_adj, switched to oom_score_adj (main VM service should be stable even more now!)
  • updated CPU topology code from GM sg3 source! this effect the battery usage, and should make CPU more stable.
  • added small debug functions, so we can see some more when errors popup!
  • improved performance gov, now make 2 cores online always!
  • some more code fix + PWR manager tweak ported by voku.
  • some cleanup in initramfs.
  • fixed cortex/post-init renice tweaks, should add some more speed to main process as launcher and main thread.
  • I have updated SCHED CORE to 3.4.y stage.
  • some more global code changes and fixing…
  • now you can boost headphones + speaker + mic gain volume via extweak! as with fluxi tweaker!
  • if you have fluxi tweaker app. you have to remove it! it’s can control kernel same as extweaks! (but less options!)  WHY: fluxi app running last! after all extweaks added to system, so all that set in fluxi app, have the effect! in simple words! it’s do heavy mess with all my settings! REMOVE IT! now after sound mod added, there is no more reason to use it.
  • I have ported latest SG3 JB leaked kernel WIFI driver! it’s 9 versions above ours!
  • 23000+ code lines changes! crazy stuff. + restored all PM tweaks and Access filters!

VOKU and me, we restored function that check DATA + CACHE file system before boot, for errors and damaged blocks and more. It’s can be requested for one time run by user via ExTweaks-App misc tab.

DO NAN DROID BACKUP VIA RECOVERY BEFORE ANY ATTEMPT TO USE IT! (if your phone will not boot, and you don’t have backup, don’t blame me for that)

If your data has allot of corrupted files. then first boot with this kernel will take longer! do not panic… let it work!
But no more than 10 min. -> if still no boot, then you need to restore your nand backup and never use this function! Your hardware is not ready for DATA partition clean up, so forget it. You will get new file /log-data and /log-cache after boot you can check if you had any errors in data or cache.
To activate just “push the ATOMIC button 🙂 or push again to ABORT! -> The function will work after reboot, and never again, till requested by user. If you do nan droid backup and then restore it, you restore all the errors and junk with it. (just for the info)

  • now clean script will also delete all left overs from /data/lost+found and restore RO lock back to RW! so ROM can boot and write to Databases.
  • tuned screen color to be more natural, 130 Blue 133 RED, for JB ROM, go to settings, and to SG2 options, > screen, and set mode to dynamic and scenario to UI.
  • made some changes in limits of tweaks ranges in extweaks.
  • GPU voltage can be used in jumps of 50 not 25, + color ranges.
  • fixed screen jumps when scrolling to top or bottom and still holding finger on screen.
  • updated remaining code from 3.0.43 to main line -> 3.0.44-RC1
  • updated Linaro kernel builder 4.7.2012.09 (we had 12.07)
  • changed vibrate force range to 0~100 by 5% steps.
  • updated OTG USB driver for external drives (usb and HDD), should transfer data faster.
  • tuned extra battery cortex tweak + all the reset CPU profiles based on user profile in cortex.
  • updated Android kernel task killer from Google Android 3.4.y
  • fixed Music shattering on screen ON from sleep.
  • pulled GPU + FIMC driver updates from GM SG3 Source.

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