Dorimanx Kernel v7.1 / Dorimanx Kernel v5.87

  • restored DEV ADB binary, it’s not used by default (it’s can be forced to switch from normal rooted ADB to DEV adb (allow push files via apps from PC) normal users not need it, just leave it default)
  • I have ported allot of good stuff from FAUX123
  • FIX FOR: File system, CPU, MEM, NET, core system. see GIT
  • tuned WIFI driver, added missing filter for JB-MALI and tuned PWR code (for me all OK, working perfect. on rootbox 2.8 jb-mali!)
  • made some corrections in INIT code, now AD block update finally working.
  • added tweakes to CPUIDLE code, need to check if improve battery! or make kernel unstable…

Performance increased thanks to faux123 commits! i took all that i found that we need and can use.
sadly he dont read my thread, but THANKS GREAT FAUX123! we love you! 🙂 as a great DEV!

Have fun and report.

i need people to test stability, before i jump forward some more!
there is more 50 new commits waiting to be added 🙂

and usb tether to fix. (this can be hard… it’s can be anything in network section!)


INFO: For now JB-MALI Kernel gets new line and number! We will start from 7.x so no confusions with ICS-JB (old 5.x) …

PS: “MALI” is the ARM-GPU from our device, so it’s a new video-driver that’s running e.g. with newest CM10 => Which ROM is working with Dorimanx-Kernel

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Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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