Dorimanx Kernel v7.2 / Dorimanx Kernel v5.88

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  • fixed USB tether!
  • fixed DEV ADB mode  (only for app devs) use extweaks to switch online!
  • merged CM MALI updates! (all that we need, we have different more tuned driver.)
  • merged CM system and PM updates! battery low drain improved.
  • corrected code for Slide2Wake tweak! no more black screens after using it (TNX to Mahdi786 for testing and reporting on solution!)
  • tuned GPU voltage and threshold steps in all profiles!
  • tuned Screen COLOR close to BEST white and others (TNX to jgcaap for testing and provide TIP on it!)
  • tuned Cortex-Script and added new BOOST tweak to get rid of wakeup delay and sound shatter -> need to test 🙂
  • added CODE shutdown for gestures tweak! now it’s can be set off for real! (and maybe save 1~5% battery -> all by auto if OFF in extweaks)
  • modded Clean DATA/CACHE function! allot of work by VOKU -> now it’s more safe to use. if partition is clean, then it’s will not be force tested
  • for now all patches to BT and NET removed! they exist in 7.1, in 7.2 NOT!
  • some drain power! i need to locate the buggers and exclude them, then restore all patches back… all working OK without them anyway
  • Kernel v7.2 not yet have the tuned SQL, so SQL performance is not as in pick below

There are so many thing more to write! but its just boring for many people!
so for full change log! start reading 20 pages in GIT for master-jelly-bean branch! 🙂

I will finish updates to ICS kernel and upload it too.
change log is the same, just NO New WIFI and NO CM MALI updates!.
but YES to CM System + PM code changes!

Thanks allot have FUN.

many reports say that new WIFI driver working great! for all!
so i am happy

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