Dorimanx Kernel v5.70 – v5.74

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 (deleted from storage! too many SODS problems)

  • tuned GPU freq for all profiles we can use 50Mhz on first level all the time, system will boost GPU on screen touch, or by GPU need!
  • removed SEC CPU on/off by cortex on screen on/off, this has solved the lockscreen SOD!
  • added new code updates for GIC(controlling the CPU cores!)
  • added new code for POWER management!
  • added new code for IRQ Domain
  • updated new super charged SQL for ICS and for JB!(JB ver made by VOKU)
  • SQL will be injected to all CM/AOKP +JB roms! not injected to SAMMY+MIUI.
  • updated new HOSTS AD block file! need to use extweaks to get the latest ver! see BKP TAB
  • updated Kernel Compression code from 3.6.Y + mods.
  • added minimal optimization flags to kernel, and cleaned others.
  • made some massive update to kernel locking functions and fixed bugs.

See the SQL power! less is GOOD!!! 🙂

  • compiled with new LINARO 12.08 ICS/JB tool-chain!
  • removed all Optimization Flags from kernel Makefile.
  • I want to get max stability! performance score +- remain as was.
  • this is EXP version! so use to test and stay if all ok
  • fixed JB utf8 mount for EMMC
  • fixed ALL ROMS mount to sdcard + emmc folders! no mess in /mnt any more.
  • tuned kernel settings
  • replaced recovery images!
  • fixed Sleepy GOV
  • updated LulzactiveQ gov! (bugs fixed by gov dev Robertobsc)
  • tuned all profiles.
  • added LCD power reduce tweak to extweaks! it’s control the brightness! and ON by default! (see SCREEN tab)
  • updated to 3.0.42!
  • fixed zipalign script, now will not align system apps! only user apps.
  • added SLEEPY gov! good for normal/sleep use, it’s stuffed with all mods from ondemand and has his own things to offer for deepsleep.
  • new LUZACTIVEQ gov! now it’s supports his own hotplug mechanism! old one disabled in kernel.
  • VOKU added lot’s of new code from G-NEXUS kernel, new code for RAM,CPU,NET,I/O/PWR! great work VOKU! battery life improved!
  • I have added more code fix/add from 3.6.Y for RAM,NET,WIFI,CPU,I/O,SMP.
  • made lots of small changes in INIT git, cortex and others scripts improved!
  • fixed gestures for JB, now screen off and camera gestures should work.
  • added all new patches by GM! + update to new Recovery by GM!
  • now we have GPU boost on screen touch!
  • tuned all Profiles.
  • added more advanced functions to all active GOVS! see it

Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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