Dorimanx Kernel v5.69

Official Stable Release!

  • fixed the FC on phone service for some roms. (fixed permission)
  • fixed some more INIT boot config.
  • fixed the color change via extweaks
  • added button to install/update AD blocker to system from extweaks
  • set all profiles to 200Mhz min! if you used 100Mhz without any problem, then keep using it, (I do)
  • added missing volume registers for changes to sound! (ported from GM, we had that before update 7 merge) you can control it with fluxi kernel tweak app!
  • I will see how to move all the sound tweaks to extweaks
  • added 4Th GPU speed/volt by GM!!!
  • added More Support for SAMMY-JB ROMS! TNX to GM.
  • new FIX for pegasusq GOV by GM
  • reverted to older RECOVERY till GM will make the new one better!

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Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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