Dorimanx Kernel v5.75A-B-C-D > v5.76A-B!

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last one is 5.76B -> Official Stable Release!

This was long BETA stage to fix all SOD bugs and many reported problems! Now kernel is ready again for mass usage by all my followers and new recruits.

All changes from kernels 5.70 to 5.74 Remain and used!

  • fixed all govs code to be stable and hold stress checks!
  • added lots of changes to kernel core (CPU,RAM,PWR-M,BT,WIFI,USB)
  • reTuned all profiles for stability and performance.
  • added new Recovery background by CrazySilver
  • updated/fixed INIT BOOT scripts and Boot binary’s for ICS/JB
  • fixed MNT mounts for all platforms! + many scripts and system tuning changes!
  • updated Pegasusq + Lulzactiveq govs from GM source!
  • fixed Vibrate driver for SAMMY and rest platforms.
  • fixed MMC code for better SDCARD detection and speed.
  • fixed Touch screen sysfs with GM help.
  • updated superuser to 3.2-RC3 (need to remove root and install root to get it updated, do it via extweaks app)
  • updated gesture kernel code, now we can use max 30 configured gestures!
  • removed DEBUG from Modem driver! now more clean kernel log and less cpu use on deepsleep.
  • global performance improved along with great battery save on sleep or on normal usage.
  • lots of changes for GPU code by GM, to fix some broken stuff.
  • more compatibility patches for LINARO 12.08 compiler + LZMA kernel compression instead of XZ (faster boot time.)
  • removed old vendor binary from kernel! every rom has it’s own shipped with rom binary along with some more needed files! now ROM can access to it’s own vendor folder also from ROOT (/) of storage.
  • added missing DATA partition check before mount, and removed my custom check, no needed any more.
  • fixed profiles get reset in some conditions after boot!
  • fix for ADB driver code.
  • updated to MAX CPU driver (VFP) that control the dual core and many more CPU functions from 3.6.Y main line kernel!
  • updated CPU Power Manager code from 3.6.Y!

There are more many kernel CORE updates! all in git, for people who like to read and learn …



Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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