Dorimanx Kernel v7.7

Kernel 7.7 ICS + JB MALI + DUAL BOOT uploaded to mirrors!

  • restored WIFI changes back to original CM code
  • updated GPU ION code from 3.4.Y
  • fixed Cortex CPU tuning, now it’s WORKS as expected
  • added new tuning to GPU Utilization Timeout. (how often to check GPU load and boost Freq+voltage)
  • updated new Recovery LOGO by crazy silver.
  • fixed Dual Boot reboot to ROM 1 or 2 from extweaks
  • tuned BUS Freq threshold on sleep and on awake, we do not need to get 400Mhz on each touch. It’s waste of power – best to leave it on 80! (threshold that will keep bus at 133Mhz as long as possible, then jump to 200 and to 400!)
  • allowed to use 1.6Ghz via extweak, but for 70% of devices, this freq will SOD the CPU! I hope people will read my description. (if stable on 1.5Ghz, try the 1.6Ghz, if SOD! forget it! nothing can be done. CPU not supported for high OC.)
  • tuned Touch screen, now it’s no longer shatter up/down in some app that scroll allot
  • corrected Sound levels on boot, should help to low speaker sound in JB ROMS.
  • added/changed descriptions in extweaks menu.
  • balanced HYPER and Ondemand GOVS.
  • updated Code for SYNC driver, it’s used for MALI video driver. from 3.4.y
  • ported Commit for GM SG3 that add lost brightness levels for some panel types
  • re-tuned GPU step 5, and set it to 267 by default, 400Mhz can be unstable for many devices
  • tuned Sched Core (CFS) tuning for sleep mode

Battery drain should be better now (lower drain) 🙂

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