Dorimanx Kernel v7.6

Kernel 7.6 BETA ICS + JB MALI DUAL BOOT uploaded!

  • tuned GOVS to deliver more CPU power and found/Fixed the LAG source!
  • replaced Stweaks with Extweaks! now will be installed with kernel if missing!
  • updated latest SuperSU + Binary, will be installed on not ROOTED ROM. by auto!
  • voku made some Awesome corrections in many scripts see GIT.
  • added SLEEP I/O Scheduler choose mod in extweaks, see MISC tab!
  • default is NOOP, and it’s was all the time.
  • patched 2 MALI drivers with CM-TEAM updates + code style fixing.
  • tuned Kernel optimization tweaks.
  • removed some Debug Logs.
  • code changes for touchscreen + battery drivers.
  • GPU freq/voltage/steps% updated + some tuning changes.

Kernel performance and battery save restored to Normal.

Need to keep testing and reporting 🙂

More updates later as always 🙂

For now i am using ROOTBOX 3.0 nightly 31/10/12 and it’s just awesome!

happy testing 🙂

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Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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