Dorimanx Kernel v5.62+63


  • added more aggressive tuning to govs for deepsleep and more response for normal govs in cortex functions. *Added
  • check in cortex that will see if phone plugged to charger or usb! and if YES, then no deep sleep functions used! no need we have lot’s of power! if not plugged then push all the power tweaks to system and cpu.
  • no more problems with transfer files on screen off.
  • voku restored some code we lost on mega merge with update 7, so we slowly restoring out mods!
  • I have restored the BT wakelock to hold phone in standby when connected to cat kit and used!, so it’s will play play music and not loose connection to car / ear peace 🙂
  • in new driver we have problem that BT is forced to disconnect after 10~15 min, and we dont want that. this mod was added in my kernel before. so it’s back now.


  • restored changes about mass storage in init scripts for Jelly Bean
  • restored CPU kernel settings and code, stability improved.
  • voku added new stuff to power manager in cortex script, more power saved in deepsleep now.
  • wakeup booster will wake the phone with 2 cores ON and after 6sec restore what is set by user in extweaks cpu tab, first option.
  • also second core now OFF in screen off. we dont need it, and it’s will save some power. and some more stuff that we will test and see if battery life is improved.

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Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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