Dorimanx Kernel v5.61

  • updated to 3.0.40!
  • fixed cpu shatter music on screen off! + extweaks tune for it, see cpu tab in deep sleep section.
  • 100mHz is too low to play music on this build, so stay on 200, and when deepsleep kick in (no music playing) then it’s switched to 100Min.
  • added very simple and awesome wakeup booster, it’s will jump min freq to 800 and max freq to =1200 or more depend on extweaks setup for 6 sec! then drop to what is set in extweaks.
  • added data base clean and tune script to MISC tab.
  • fixed leds on touch
  • fixed storage
  • fixed ZRAM
  • fixed INIT boot scripts.
  • improved boot code.
  • tuned settings allowed more power to cpu and removed debugs.
  • lots of govs tuning, i have set ondemand as primary deep sleep gov! it’s very good, it’s came with some cool code from Samsung.
  • it’s merged to HYPER also 🙂

Enjoy great kernel 🙂

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Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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