Dorimanx Kernel v7.4 / Dorimanx Kernel v5.9

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Kernel 5.90 ICS + JB (OLD! no updated MALI video drivers!)

Kernel 7.4 JB ONLY! + New MALI video Driver!

  • patched JB SQL lib to perform 300% faster! by using SYNC at the end of insertions and not on each change.
  • performance greatly increased! (on JB MALI roms!) (kernel 5.90 already has the SQL patch)
  • added new function that will mount the USB drives to internal sdcard and external! -> you need to switch to USB mass storage in settings > storage > menu -> then turn off the screen, connect USB, (screen will turn ON) and see if your sdcards now exist in “my computer” 🙂 ->No more need for all DUAL MOUNT apps! (no one works on JB any way!)
  • disabled IPv6 on all interfaces! (Data,WIFI,VPN)
  • tuned Slide2Wake function
  • reverted some battery draining commits, now much better! battery lasts more!
  • updated WIFI code from SG3 JB source! + some reverts to WIFI driver + adding PWR manager back to 7.4 kernel wifi driver!
  • small tweak to Vibrate Driver by GM!
  • tuned LulzactiveQ GOV by Robertobsc
  • fixed All Gestures Actions + restore to extreme profiles by Mario! THANKS ALLOT! for help 🙂
  • to get new updated file, use extweaks Audio+Swipes TAB.
  • ported HUGE update to BLOCK I/O code from legend Dev Faux123!
  • now we have FIOPS I/O scheduler and it’s set as DEFAULT screen ON sched!
  • new Updated BFQ v4 for 3.3.y kernel (US)
  • new updated CFQ I/O Sched.
  • dixed CRT Anim, now no flicks on lock screen.
  • some NET updates for stability.
  • fixed second core not ON when Max freq is set to 800Mhz! do not touch the LOAD_H0 or L1 all set at best!
  • lower freq than 800! will not have second core.
  • fixed DATA/Cache partition tuning + Clean in case asked!

Please RESET PROFILES, and dont restore, just tune what you like and use.
your OLD backup is not VALID! when all set do new settings backup in extweaks.

Have FUN 🙂

And report as always

DUAL BOOT not added to 7.4 JB!
will be added on next kernel!

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