Month: August 2012

Dorimanx Kernel v5.69

Official Stable Release! fixed the FC on phone service for some roms. (fixed permission) fixed some more INIT boot config. fixed the color change via extweaks added button to install/update AD blocker to system from extweaks set all profiles to

Dorimanx Kernel v5.68

(REMOVED! PHONE APK FC!) merged all SLUB memory and CPU scheduler code, from 3.6.Y merged EXT4 allot (107 commits) from 3.6.Y fixed no boot after rom data wipe and possible the wifi toggle for SAMMY 4.0.4 roms. added tweak to

Dorimanx Kernel v5.67

fixed GPS toggle for SAMMY ROMS. fixed BLN touch lights on screen and timeout lights, now stay after boot and obey each other. restored some INIT config + extweaks fix for strange line on top.(some users reported) added more RCU

Dorimanx Kernel v5.66

updated to 3.0.41! compiled with LINARO 12.07 GCC 4.7.2 + patches! Code for CPU management and control! merged RCU from 3.6.Y merged SRCU from 3.6.y merged more SMP from 3.6.Y merged NOHZ TICK code from 3.6.y merged functions for all

Dorimanx Kernel v5.65

major update of SMP processor code (dual core) from 3.6.Y kernel! lots of code restored by Voku from our kernel before Sammy update 7 pulled updates from GM, Thanks allot for hard work. pulled update for Ondemand gov that help

Dorimanx Kernel v5.65.1

added possibility to lower the smooth level to 100Mhz! restored color filter as was. removed 1600Mhz speed, will not be shown in stats also. It’s unstable, and can crush the cpu, so we never used it.

Dorimanx Kernel v5.64 (Updated!)

critical update for more battery save and more I/O speed! + I have set in kernel to always mount all partitions with NOATIME and NODIRATIME + one more restore to faster filesystem works. New recovery updated by GM! looking

Dorimanx Kernel v5.62+63

[v5.63] added more aggressive tuning to govs for deepsleep and more response for normal govs in cortex functions. *Added check in cortex that will see if phone plugged to charger or usb! and if YES, then no deep sleep functions

Dorimanx Kernel v5.61

updated to 3.0.40! fixed cpu shatter music on screen off! + extweaks tune for it, see cpu tab in deep sleep section. 100mHz is too low to play music on this build, so stay on 200, and when deepsleep kick

Dorimanx Kernel v5.6

After countless hours of work non stop! I have finally managed to merge full Samsung update 4 TO 7 kernel! Many of my common linux updates are wiped, and other functions added! but they are from Samsung! so it’s COOL