Dorimanx Kernel v5.66

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  • updated to 3.0.41!
  • compiled with LINARO 12.07 GCC 4.7.2 + patches!

Code for CPU management and control!

  • merged RCU from 3.6.Y
  • merged SRCU from 3.6.y
  • merged more SMP from 3.6.Y
  • merged NOHZ TICK code from 3.6.y
  • merged functions for all supporting govs from 3.6.y
  • added kernel optimization flags that now supported with LINARO!

Performance increased by 15%

  • lot’s of restores by VOKU and help fixing stuff
  • fixed boot for new JELLY-B and AOKP/CM ROMS
  • fixed missing stuff in init for new recovery, should be ok now
  • tuned battery profile, switched to conservative and noop
  • fixed music hangs on 100Mhz! now we can use it again! so extweaks now allow min 100Mhz on standby max 300Mhz if still any shattering
  • fixed light on touch not sync with lights timeout counter! now what is the light time out, it’s the light on touch time out
  • lot’s of more tuning and fixing for better battery and stability

Added gestures script that connected with cortex and can be managed by user and system in harmony! 🙂
script located at /data/
do not move it, if you have already any gestures scripts in init.d delete them and move your custom stuff to this script.
it’s will work on screen on, and be shut on screen off, to get rid of one more loop that wait forever, we dont need it on screen off!
so i give you 5 preconfigured gestures! max supported is 10! max finger touches supported also 10.
Script will be copied to data if not exist on boot, if exist then nothing.
you can shut this function in extweaks or restore to default gestures if you messes it 🙂
on restore you will get backup of your current running file,
at /data/ + just in case.


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