Dorimanx Kernel v5.65

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  • major update of SMP processor code (dual core) from 3.6.Y kernel!
  • lots of code restored by Voku from our kernel before Sammy update 7
  • pulled updates from GM, Thanks allot for hard work.
  • pulled update for Ondemand gov that help us save allot of power on screen off, so use it and not others.
  • added BFQ V4 it’s can be tested, but it’s not default.
  • updated Scary and Pegasuq GOVS + CPU code changes/fix.
  • changed Recovery background image.
  • improved ROOT install after Remove in extweaks, now CORTEX will do it, it’s running with system root permissions, and extweak loose root access after root removed! and cant install root. So or reboot, or just turn your screen off for 10sec and you have root 🙂  (you need to push the install root in extweak)
  • new Power Manager still not ready, i had some problems, i am still working on it, but for now battery drain is low already!
  • added Kernel code gestures addon by Tungstwenty go and thank him for this great addon -> i will add some cool things to use with it …

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Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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