Dorimanx Kernel v5.64 (Updated!)

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  • critical update for more battery save and more I/O speed!
  • + I have set in kernel to always mount all partitions with NOATIME and NODIRATIME
  • + one more restore to faster filesystem works.
  • New recovery updated by GM! looking very good and smooth!
  • I have added small function that will kill extweak process till all tweaks are loaded and ready to be displayed to user! so if you are hot to rush and see the tweaks when phone still booting in background, app will restart the LOADING circle till it’s really loaded! (every 5 sec!) no more posts that extweaks is messed up! 🙂
  • made changes to INIT boot to mach new recovery and some bugs fix. see GIT.
  • restored lot’s of good hacks/bug fix, that we had to USB driver! no longer will disconnect if used! and will transfer faster and more stable!
  • added back driver for usb sound device plugin, and HID device plug in. + tweaks to shut USB port when not used to save power.
  • improved ADB transfer, if any one use it.
  • updated all latest updates from GM!
  • + GPU code fix,
  • + Voltage tune to touch screen.
  • + Pegasusq: merges with i9300 part and make pegasusq less aggressive.
  • + removed 25 + 50 freq, we didn’t used it any way, good that it’s gone now.
  • + restored the freq step tweak in extweaks! now user can set the amount of freq steps he like, change is added only after reboot! i advice not to change it, but you all have the choose now.

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