Dorimanx Kernel v7.13

Kernel 7.12 REMOVED! (BLN + Touch screen smoothness BUGS)

  • all that was in 7.12 Exist!
  • fixed Support for CWManager App and it’s will be installed on boot to system!
  • thanks to GM for help solving the problem 🙂
  • fixed BLN effects! now works as planned! (breathing + blinking without blnww!)
  • updated to latest STweaks app by GM!
  • from this kernel extweaks app will be deleted on boot! and replaced by STweaks!
  • ExTweaks app no longer supported! every one that using it, may have some functions not working any more. dont post BUG reports if you are using Extweaks to config kernel.
  • we want Open Source! and we got it! 🙂  Big Thanks to GM for that!
  • restored some code that i have removed in 7.12, screen acted not as should, now back to normal 🙂 –  fast and smooth
  • fixed WIFI auto on/off if enabled in cortex tab
  • fixed broken touch screen config only for battery profile. all the rest OK

Please don’t report things like, my battery is better or worse with 7.13 (if you updated from 7.12)
it’s has nothing to do with this update, it’s can be only apps and radio signal that gave you more power, OR took it. 🙂
Also no SPEED or PFS improved/reduced, so no need to run all crazy tests, nothing is changed for that.

Have fun 🙂

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  1. Gostaria de ser informado se existe uma versão que suporta o duall boot no android com versão 4.1.2 ou superior, e qd seria possivel o desenvolvimento da mesmo?

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