Month: November 2012

Dorimanx Kernel v7.13

Kernel 7.12 REMOVED! (BLN + Touch screen smoothness BUGS) all that was in 7.12 Exist! fixed Support for CWManager App and it’s will be installed on boot to system! thanks to GM for help solving the problem ūüôā fixed BLN

Dorimanx Kernel v7.12

added NEW STweaks App by GM, and cut support for EXtweaks!¬†many functions not working with extweaks any more.¬†In next kernel i will add CLEANING code to remove extweaks on each boot to prevent collision, and “not working! posts using extweaks!”¬†New

Dorimanx Kernel v7.10

thanks to GM we now have new GPU freq that can boost video performance for games, movies and all that use video rendering new Freq are 330, 440, 520 they are active only if VPLL mode is Activated in GPU tab

Dorimanx Kernel v7.9

Kernel 5.xx is no longer supported! use 7.XX people with touch screen model MX224E will get better touch response, one Korean-Dev found a way to improve the driver by disabling some filter code – for all with older MX244 touch

Dorimanx Kernel v7.8

FIX for Kernel 7.7! Kernel 7.8 Uploaded! fixed the VIDEO playback corrected some extweaks response lines to user after using root install and ad-update and more … camera also working again Kernel 7.7 DELETED Have fun!

Dorimanx Kernel v7.7

Kernel 7.7 ICS + JB MALI + DUAL BOOT uploaded to mirrors! restored WIFI changes back to original CM code updated GPU ION code from 3.4.Y fixed Cortex CPU tuning, now it’s WORKS as expected added new tuning to GPU

Dorimanx Kernel v7.6

Kernel 7.6 BETA ICS + JB MALI DUAL BOOT uploaded! tuned GOVS to deliver more CPU power and found/Fixed the LAG source! replaced Stweaks with Extweaks! now will be installed with kernel if missing! updated latest SuperSU + Binary, will be