Dorimanx Kernel v7.3 / Dorimanx Kernel v5.89

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  • updated Power Manager to MAX from 3.4.Y Android Kernel with many changes on the way! update is MASSIVE! 3 pages! in GIT
  • set OFF to Slide2Wake for default and lower profiles, it’s ON in performance
  • updated WIFI drivers in both kernels!
  • now should connect to N only transmitting routers! and get full speed
  • removed 133Mhz GPU freq, it’s not registered in driver and was broken
  • added Kernel Optimization for better graphic performance and CPU
  • for 7.3 we still need moddified SQL binary to get full power of I/O as with 5.89 -> I am downloading the SOURCE for android AOKP ROM, it’s 27GB!!! more 10GB left! Then i can create the new patched SQL 🙂
  • fixed system settings lost for some stuff like shelf background and others
  • update to Gestures kernel code by Tungstwenty
  • patched MALI driver from CM! only needed parts! also added some to 5.89!
  • not effect ROM boot, but will affect video driver power save
  • fixed CRT Anim when WIFI off/on! now works all the time
  • enabled CLEAN-CACHE tweaks in kernel code to reduce amount of I/O used to perform tasks
  • release little more RAM by reducing logger allocated RAM. (+0.9MB)
  • some NET code fix

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