Dorimanx Kernel v7.4.2 / Dorimanx Kernel v5.92

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Kernel 7.4.2 JB MALI only.
Kernel 5.92 ICS/JB-old.

  • after seen reports of UI and some lags reports, i have removed some tweaks that i added for testing in previous beta. Should be OK now.
  • cMIUI ROM (JB source) now fully supported! please report back.
  • updated Main Stream patches 3.0.47+48
  • code updates for Gestures mod. by Tungstwenty/GM
  • reduced CRT Anim Delay to 50msec on screen off. should be good now. -> I don’t see any screen blinks on screen off Anim or after it.
  • tuned the Signal State selection, now ROM settings will take place.
  • the HSPA and others now work based on user config at settings.
  • added new Tweaks by GM it’s not finished yet for my kernel and code we using. it’s doing cool thing, the touch keys led light scaling with the brightness! so more light in the room, more brightness to screen and touch keys, and reverse! 🙂 it’s OFF for now, without any trigger to turn ON. i need to “work/get help” for some time to make it work as planed.
  • also there is a NO wakelock BLN by GM, nice but not for our BLN code by MyFluxi that we use long time now. Maybe if GM will have some time to help me with that patch, then we get that also 🙂

test and report, till next beta!

Old beta DELETED.


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