Dorimanx Kernel v5.67

  • fixed GPS toggle for SAMMY ROMS.
  • fixed BLN touch lights on screen and timeout lights, now stay after boot and obey each other.
  • restored some INIT config + extweaks fix for strange line on top.(some users reported)
  • added more RCU patches. + some code addons by VOKU
  • fixed gestures not reacting if turning screen on/off/on/off there was delay of 10 sec. not any more.
  • added some NET VPN settings to kernel, to help to make vpn tunnels work. need to test.
  • reverted 1600Mhz remove, it’s now show up in cpu stats, looks like cpu code need it for some operations.
  • fixed recovery stuck on boot.
  • uploaded also uploaded .TAR kernel and deleted all the rest (TAR)

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