Dorimanx Kernel v7.11

closeThis post was published 6 years 7 months 14 days ago which may make its actuality or expire date not be valid anymore. This site is not responsible for any misunderstanding.
  • changed Kernel Name. not state in name MALI, but it’s INCLUDE IT
  • fixed WIFI Tether and added updates to WIFI driver
  • fixed USB file transfer stability. should be ok for all now. + updates
  • tuned Touch screen settings, but any one can tune as he like via extweaks – Screen TAB
  • added option to enable/disable IPv6 support, normally we dont need it, so it’s OFF, but if any one need, see CORTEX tab in extweaks
  • updated descriptions for extweaks/Stweaks
  • updated to LINARO 12.10 GCC 4.7.3 kernel builder
  • lowered wakeup boots delay to 4~5 sec, it’s more than we need to maximize wakeup

Have fun and update me if any problems.


Lars Moelleken | Ich bin root, ich darf das!

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