Dorimanx Kernel v5.55

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  • updated with SG3 Update 4
  • updated WIFI driver ALLOT! see git 25 Commits!
  • updated MMC code.
  • set Negative + BLN tweak to Off by default for all profiles,
  • turned ON cortex for all profiles, it’s stable and strong 🙂
  • updated BT code
  • updated Sound Code
  • updated USB MTP code
  • cleaned Extweaks profiles and kernel code from unused junk.

Please do not restore your Extweaks profile backup in this kernel, just set what you like and do backup in extweaks, then use the restore as you like. we dont want to drag old junk to new profiles.

*People there is no reason to use Supersu! just use the SuperUser 3.2 that added in kernel! it’s the latest and very good version.

Give to kernel to load all config for 1 min before you open extweaks, or you will see mess config. i will not answer to posts about that, just wait, thanks.

Kernel is no longer supporting some SAMMY 4.0.3 ROMS, so if you stuck on boot, then or update rom, or use older kernel. there is no turning back. go with the flow 🙂

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