Dorimanx Kernel for SG2 I9100

Dorimanx Kernel v7.0

For now JB-MALI Kernel gets new line and number! We will start from 7.x so no confusions with ICS-JB (old 5.x) …

PS: “MALI” is the ARM-GPU from our device, so it’s a new video-driver that’s running e.g. with newest CM10 => Which ROM is working with Dorimanx-Kernel

Kernel is stable now!
but many changes! 50+ commits added!
so test and report!

UPDATE 1: Voku already found some new code from faux123, very good stuff.
will be added + more on next kernel…

– AD block update function still broken!
– new Wifi-Driver isn’t working with some routers

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